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Inspired by Japanese Manga and Anime Workshop

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The Art Cohort is a not-for-profit Visual Arts organisation. We provide high quality art workshops.

Inspired by Japanese Manga and Anime
Tuesday 24th October 2023

An art workshop for children aged 6-13 years old.

Drop off at 9.30am and pick up at 3.30pm

We take inspiration from Japanese drawing styles in this workshop. Manga is a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels. Anime is japanese cartoon TV shows and movies.
We will explore and be inspired by popular culture themes such as pokemon, hello kitty, studio ghibli films and kawaii (cute), to experiment with drawing in the Japanese cartoon character style.
We will practice drawing different facial features such as eyes, hair, nose, lips and explore ways to draw self, with different expressions. Could we be inspired during the day to create a comic book, starting from right to left like authentic manga comics?

Parent / guardians drop off at the beginning of the workshop and pick up at the end of day. Please provide your child with a packed lunch, snacks and a refillable water bottle.

At Burdall's Yard, Anglo Terrace, Bath, BA1 5BN

£38 child place (for individual child or first child)
£32 each accompanying sibling place. Discounted sibling place is applicable once a first child place is booked